Assimilation Distinctive feature of position of the school student consists in, that his study is obligatory, socially significant activity.

It bears responsibility for it before the teacher, school, a family.

Life of the pupil is subordinated to system of strict rules identical to all school students.

Assimilation of knowledge, the general for all children becomes its main contents.

Absolutely special type of relationship develops between the pupil and the teacher.

Teacher not simply adult, whichcauses or does not cause sympathy in the child.

It is the real carrier of public requirements to the child.

An assessment which the pupil receives at a lesson not expression of the personal relation to the child, and an objective measure of his knowledge, performance of educational duties by it.

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An occasion

An occasion Rifmovalki.

Compose verses and if at once it is impossible, simply think out any rhymes.

An occasion that see before itself.

For example, savings bank an infection.

Bananas we will put in pockets, a small insect a shirt.

And then try to compose stanzas on the set rhymes The small insect in a brand new shirt here creeps.

By the way, it is quite good to have always at itself a notebook and the handle.

And suddenly there is a small masterpiece Ugadayka.

One of you describes what three signs that the person from turn, and another guesses, you thought of what person.

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Rhythmic movements

Rhythmic movements Unruly child At the age of seven weeks children start to cooperate actively with world around.

However still they sometimes are capricious.

The child matures, and the ways change, helping him to calm.

Allow the kid to look round around, probably, any subject will involve it.

Holding the child on hands, carry out walking on a place.

Rhythmic movements calm.

Transfer the child to someone from members of the family.

Communication with different people calms.

Make to the child massage with application earlier described the technician.

Gradually you recognize the child better and will understand, how him to calm.

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The teacher, passing

The teacher, passing The child displays at first cards with pronouns on persons and numbers, and then attaches to them verbal cards, being guided by own feeling for language.

The teacher, passing by, checks the made.

Singular PluralI grow We growYou grow you grow It grows They grow It It grows I grow sit We sitYou sit you sitHe sits They sitShe sits It sitsUnionAnalysis Material a grammatical box with the multicolored cards which have been spread out on seven offices, each of which is marked out by a card of the corresponding color with an inscription black for nouns, chestnut for adjectives, red for verbs, violet for pretexts, pink for adverbs, green for pronouns and yellow for the unions, also is office for cards more offers for the analysis there lie.

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I consoled

I consoled It the patient, I read to it.

You can play, if do not want to listen.

I will take away from you the book.

From V.


Mukhina's diary.

,, When Günter was yet able to run on skis, Gilda once on Sunday ran with the father.

Günter was excited to tears that Gilda has something pretty, and at it is not present.

I consoled it in the promise to show to it in the evening the big picturebook.

Having cheered up, he with a celebration reported about it to the sister, having added that she will not look pictures.

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